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[ 2012 ]

Gordon Burgett

Copyright © 2012 by Gordon Burgett

by Communication Unlimited with Smashwords

The idea is to help you get writing and publishing, spend only the necessary time and energy doing office paperwork and fulfillment, keep only the files on hand that are mandatory, use computer assistance when you can, don’t enslave yourself to electronic gadgets that are simply distracting, and spend only the money that you must.

This tip sheet discusses supplies, writing, organization, computers, and maybe 50 things more. It also has links to three valuable and downloadable tools in the Appendix: a sample Mailing Record, Expense Record, and Income Sheet.

We hope that many of the tips that follow will help you get in print dependably, get paid regularly, and help relegate the necessary minutiae to the background. Even if only five or ten make your actions and organization better, that’s a great return on $2.99! Good luck!


1. Buy a comfortable office chair that lets your feet rest on the ground and puts your computer at a restful height. You will spend a lot of your time in that chair so don't stint.

2. Almost as important as your chair is the lighting where you will work. Glare is the eye killer. Often a standing lamp that can be moved around to shine over your shoulder works best.

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