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Cozy Cat Sam

Cozy cat Sam needed a nap.

He’ll search for a bed, a cushion or lap.

He’ll look for a place that is cozy and warm,

just like he did when he was born.

He went to the attic where a soft chair sits,

but it was covered with baseball bats and catchers’ mitts.

Sam went to the bedroom and looked up on the bed,

and there he saw sleeping, the family dog, Fred.

Cozy cat Sam peeked under the bed.

Would there be room for his cozy cat head?

There were boxes and shoes from corner to corner.

He needed more room and a place that is much warmer.

The rest of the doors in the hallway were closed.

Sam tried to push them open with his cozy cat toes.

The lady of the house knelt next to Sam.

She placed his gray paw in her soft hand.

“Don’t do that,” she said to Sam with a smile,

“baby Ted is napping and must sleep for a while.”

She scratched Sam’s back then gave him a hug.

She told him to play with his toys on the rug.

Sam walked past the sofa where the children were reading.

He paused for a moment to give them a cozy cat greeting.

Still wishing he could find a warm, comfy cot,

cozy cat Sam would search one more spot.

A place with no books, or shoes or bats,

a place that is perfect and just for cats.

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