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The Worthless Agreement:

The Truth behind the First Amendment of the United States Constitution and the Separation of Religion & Government

Troy Veenstra

Smashwords Edition © 2012 Troy Veenstra in association with Veenstra Publications All Printed and Electronic Rights Reserved.


A wise strategist by the name of Sun Tzu once stated that, “All warfare is based on deception. That a skilled general must be master of the complementary arts of simulation and dissimulation; while creating shapes to confuse and delude the enemy he conceals his true dispositions and ultimate intent.”

Though the original intention of Sun Tzu’s words were meant more for the blood soaked and corpse laden battle fields of true warfare, the meaning of Sun Tzu’s intent has been heard and dynamically applied to the potential corruption of the rights and privileges that we; as citizens of the United States hold so dear.

The Supreme Court in all its glory and trivial might allowed this misleading notion to ensue, for the foundation of the American Government was at war and had been for countless years. Yet like a young child taking candy from a passing stranger. Without thinking or knowing the true deception behind the battle, The Supreme Court fell for the ruse. Thus, the Supreme Courts of the past and of the present have allowed for the United States Constitution; the pillar of Freedom in American society to evolve through countless interpretations into nothing more than a worthless agreement of self-absorbing egoistical ideals and principles of utter contradictions.

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