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To Debra Glass for her assistance with the Civil War information used/twisted in this story. ;)

To Mom and Beth Trissel for their assistance with Caitlin’s garden. All mistakes are my own.

Extra special thanks to my friends Jolene Dawe, Marsha A. Moore and Kathy Carmichael, for all their encouragement on this project and countless others, and to Patty G. Henderson for being my guiding hand. This wouldn’t have happened without you ladies!

Lastly, but certainly not least: thanks, hugs and kisses to my sweet hubby—without whom nothing good would happen, and nothing matters.

Juli D. Revezzo

August 2012

Chapter One

“Look, I love you, Trevor,” Caitlin said, “but why don’t you put your art aside for a minute and help me move the rest of these boxes out of the living room?”

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