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For Nellie, whose life still inspires.

His life was saved by one of those angels of mercy, a volunteer army nurse. He fell into good hands—the blessed hands of a kind-hearted woman! Even here, amid the roar and carnage, was found a woman with the soul to dare danger; the heart to sympathize with the battle-stricken; sense, skill, and experience to make her a treasure beyond all price.”

—Frank Moore

Women of the War: Their Heroism and Self-Sacrifice

Roundheads Regimental Headquarters

Beaufort, South Carolina

March, 1862

(left to right):

Reverend Robert Audley Brown, Private John Stevenson, Nellie M. Chase (seated), “Uncle Bob,” Colonel Daniel Leasure, Doctor Horace Ludington.

Photo courtesy of USAMHI


Old Acquaintances

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