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Roundheads Regimental Headquarters

Beaufort, South Carolina

March, 1862

(left to right):

Reverend Robert Audley Brown, Private John Stevenson, Nellie M. Chase (seated), “Uncle Bob,” Colonel Daniel Leasure, Doctor Horace Ludington.

Photo courtesy of USAMHI


Old Acquaintances

“Colonel Leasure, Sir?”

“Yes, Private, what is it?”

“There’s a lady to see you, Sir.”

“A lady? Here? To see me? Are you sure you understood correctly?”

“Yes, Sir, I did,” Private Stevenson insisted. “She’s out at the gate and says she won’t talk to anyone but you.”

“Good God! It’s not my mother, is it, John?” asked Geordy, the colonel’s son, who had been laboring diligently over a stack of papers.

“Geordy, you know your mother wouldn’t come here,” the colonel said.

“No, Sir, it’s a young lady. Oh, I didn’t mean that your wife isn’t young. I mean, ah. . . .” The private blushed and stammered for words.

“It’s all right, Private. I understand what you meant. Did she give you any idea of what she wanted? Does she look slatternly? Or is she refined and ladylike?”

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