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Could you be a trusted first responder to the broken hearted

Love Medic

Smashwords Edition

Published by:

Creighton Thompson on Smashwords

Copyright 2010 Creighton Thompson

Could you be a trusted first responder to the broken hearted? Take the Love Medic quiz of ten true case studies and find out. But first, a few words from your Love Medic Chief Resident, Creighton Thompson.

Love is the most powerful of all human emotions. Some may disagree and claim that hate is stronger. Consider this -- hate burns a lot of calories, and its white-hot, glowing ball of anger and vengeance, like a hurricane making landfall, is soon downgraded into a few loud expletives and hollow threats. From there, all hate can muster is the woosiest of all emotions -- “vague resentment.” Though time mellows hate, it strengthens love. Also the common knowledge about a person consumed with hate is they might do something crazy. Well, duh. This predictable mindset braces everybody else for the unexpected…and when you’re ready for the unexpected, it simply becomes expected.

That said, love is not so predictable. When love goes wrong a person can go through a whirlwind of deep emotional peaks and valleys in a matter of minutes. And you never quite know what’s coming. People, who have had their love strained, rejected, or even betrayed, can swing emotionally from the depths of sorrow to boiling over with anger (FACT: Anger is a two sport star.) And what about the broken-hearted’s decent into melancholy? (You should know about melancholy…it presents as blank stares accompanied by disjointed rhetorical questions wrapped in dark sarcasm.) A wry smile that morphs from contentment to maniacal could be a signal that someone needs emotional help…or they’ve just got something in their eye. It’s a good idea to check first.

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