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A Silver Lining

Despite great adversity, I always look for the good in life, and hope my story brings a smile to your face, makes you laugh and enables you to find your own silver lining!

by Elaine Benton©

This book is dedicated to my husband; the love of my life, without whom, my days would not be so bright or the nights so warm.


A sense of humour and positive attitude are the fundamental tools with which I live my life. I always look for the silver lining in everything, and inevitably I find it. No matter how difficult life can be, the human spirit is extraordinarily strong and usually survives conquering insurmountable conditions and situations we would never thought possible. I have not had an easy life, yet it has been filled with some wonderful people, outstanding moments and fond memories that I will always treasure. Despite being afflicted with ill health from when I was an infant, I couldn’t imagine being anyone else.

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