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I went to bed sore, hoping in the morning, I would wake differently. Instead, when I woke in the early morning, tossing out of my bed, I was more tender than ever.

It all started a week ago when I started on a new prescription. Precisely, it started because I was getting back into dating. It had been years since my last date. The last time was a week after my husband took off, and that didn’t go so well, so I never returned to the dating world.

That is, until six years later when my friends were getting on my case. Even my step son, Troy, kept asking if I had any dates. The answer was always no, and I grew tired of it.

To get in the mood, and to prepare myself, I started to take a heavy dose of birth control. New on the market, it was reportedly more effective without as much side effects. The only side effect they warned about was breast tenderness, breast enlargement, and swelling.

The first week I thought I avoided it, but then by the second week, my breasts grew sore. They were heavy and growing like I was going through puberty all over again. I already had full, large breasts that men liked to stare at, so now with the enlargement, they were out of control.

Starting to get too much to handle.

I crawled out of bed on the third week, groaning, trying to get my thoughts off my breasts. It wouldn’t work. The mirror in front of my bed taunted me, showing off my huge boobs, swollen and sore.

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