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A divine Tale

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A Divine Tale

by: Jonathan Antony Strickland

Throughout the ages mortals have delighted in telling one another tales, with each tale being different and charming in it's own right. Tales ranging from epic adventures across lands and seas uncharted by mankind, unexplored alien worlds with cunning and deadly inhabitants that can appear friendly and harmless but may secretly seek the delight and taste of human flesh. To the more simplistic tales that may or may not involve everyday streets and house’s being used as a backdrop to there settings. Tales involving quick thinking minds, with twists and turns where beggar can become king and fool can turn to wiseman.

These are but a few examples of the flexibility and change from yarn to yarn, but mostly there is one thing that they do share in common. And that is a moral.

Surprisingly Gods on the other hand differ from mortals, believing that there superior minds hold the answers to all questions and that a tale told is but a story, with any meaning and lesson that is meant to be learned in it's telling, to them, a complete waste of time.

So a tale told amongst Gods is a very rare thing indeed. However the tale of Seglaman the snow God is meant as a lesson. And the reason it is remembered and told is as a warning to an up and coming young God who has been assigned a new (run-of-the-mill) world to rule over. Whom just might get itchy feet, or even simply become jealous that some of the older more experienced Gods are worshipped on more than the one world.

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