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Eyewitness of the Early Railways

James W Bancroft


It has been said that there is nothing more majestic and impressive than the sight of a steam engine powering its way along a railway line!

From February 1905 to October 1911 an American publication entitled The Royal Magazine carried a popular series of monthly articles under the title Survivors’ Tales of Great Events. This was a compilation of first-hand accounts by people who had been involved in historical events, mainly military battles and national disasters. Feature article number 54, for July 1909 (pages 248 to 254), is The Rocket and the World’s First Railway by Edward Entwistle. It is a detailed account of when he worked for George Stephenson, and actually prepared and drove Rocket at the time of the opening of the Liverpool and Manchester Railway on 15 September 1830. He eventually lived for many pioneering years in the United States where he died in 1909.

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