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Published by Stroker Chase

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Copyright 2012 by Stroker Chase

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I paced, pregnant, swollen, tender, and horny. My boss, my lover, Christopher Shepard, the billionaire, wouldn’t let me leave. He needed me at the office. Why? I had no idea. I was of no use to anyone.

My mind was constantly cloudy. The only thoughts I had were sexual. Some women lose their sex drive when pregnant, while others, it’s the opposite.

I was the extreme. Unable to sit still, I waited at my desk.

Heat flashed over me. Every day it was the same feelings, the same wants. Needy, and horny, I replayed all the times Christopher made love to me.

Our first time, when I signed his contract, agreeing to be his submissive and carry his child, drove me wild. I always tried to stay away from that memory, but it was the best.

Every day it came back again.

Christopher, tying me to his desk, forcing his hard cock inside me. Taking me, until he burst, until he came over and over again, filling me. I knew that was the day when he gave me our child.

I ran my fingers over my swollen belly. Everything about me was bigger. Bigger and more sensitive. A single touch could set me off. One day, I needed release so badly that I shut my door, rubbing my pussy against the edge of my chair until I got off.

I was never like this. I was innocent and shy before I met Christopher. He seduced me, controlled me, and I willingly signed myself away.

No love though, he told me. “We will be intimate, but no love.”

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