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The Darkest Colors: Exsanguinations

By David M. Bachman

Copyright 2012 David M. Bachman

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Chapter One

London, England

Raina was already accustomed to receiving nightly visits from the dead, even before she had become one of the dead, herself. Of course, these visits did not come every single night, nor were they necessarily predictable. But they were frequent enough that she had struggled off and on for years to find various ways to deal with them. The dead were not threatening, or at least they hadn’t been until Raina Delgado had died. They only spoke perhaps a third of the time that she encountered them. She did not always actually see them, but without fail, she always sensed their presence. Sometimes, however, they would do a bit more than simply make a guest appearance. It was on those occasions that they usually chose to remind her of the fact that they were all dead because of her.

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