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Copyright 2012 Faye Parker

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I startled as a man walked into the doctor’s office. Did he have the wrong room? I thought that was the case, but he confidently strode over to the desk and laid out his papers.

The doctor sat on the nearby chair like everything was perfectly normal. Then he held out his hand, and I, confused, shook it. It was firm, strong, commanding.

“Hi, I’m Dr. Pierce. How are you? I’m going to be helping you today.”

“Where’s Brenda?”

Brenda was my usual doctor. I wasn’t comfortable sharing my problems with a man.

Especially since my problem concerned my breasts.

“Brenda is out today. Sorry, it seems I’m the only one here. I hope it won’t be a problem.”

I shied away, thinking long and hard. He stared me down, challenging me. His firm, unwavering gaze was impossible to deny.

I gathered my courage. This was a doctor, a professional, he probably heard things like it all the time.

“I-I have a problem.”

He nodded, reclining his arms on his knees. I wished he would back off. Handsome as he was, I didn’t know if I could tell him what I needed to tell him, and I wanted him far away. Maybe I could write it instead?

“What’s the problem? You don’t need to be worried. Everything is confidential here.”

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