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Milking the Farm Girl

Milked by the Billionaire

Milked by the Doctor

Milking the Farm Girl

The ranch, wide and sprawling, loomed ahead of me. I thought about turning back to my car. The rugged plain already told me this would be hard work. The kind of work I wasn’t familiar with.

The only reason why I didn’t turn around was that I had my new child to take care of. He was safe at home with my parents, but someone would need to pay the bills.

I headed towards the farm house to meet my employer. I knocked on the massive wooden door, waiting, my heart beating.

My hormones drove me crazy. A couple months after the birth, and I was still sore, swollen, with enlarged breasts. Tiny things set me off, and I struggled daily to keep myself in check. I knocked again, until I heard a rough voice call back, “One second.”

I thought about my child with my parents back home. I went over why I was doing this again. I needed to support us. I needed to work hard to take care of my new family, especially since his father skipped town on us. It was only me and my baby, Josh, now.

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