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Toward a New Testament Theology of Conversation

Stephen W. Casey

The art of communication between individuals and groups of people is a pathway for relationship. However, sin has tainted all of creation, turning the tongue into a restless evil. Jesus Christ, conversely, provides the model of conversation apart from the taint of sin. The historical context in which Jesus held conversation establishes the underpinning for a New Testament theology of conversation. Jesus’ example exemplifies how conversation flows from personal integrity, humility, and identity in Christ and establishes relationships that usher newcomers into the Kingdom of God in love.

A Matthean Theology of Faith Development Based on the Model of Christ with His Disciples

John Ulrick

Most believers desire to have great faith, to trust God for provision and guidance in their lives, as well as to stand firm during turbulent times; but how do people develop great faith? Based on the Gospel of Matthew, this chapter discusses: how faith naturally develops, how it can be fostered in people, and how Jesus strengthened the faith of his disciples during his time with them on earth. From these findings, the chapter concludes with an application of Jesus’ methods to strengthen our faith and others’.

A Marcan Theology of Compassion and Holistic Ministry

Katherine (Scott) Groce

This chapter is an overview of the theology of Jesus’ acts of compassion in his ministry throughout the Gospel of Mark. It looks at his holistic approach to ministry. The paper addresses three areas: to whom Jesus is compassionate; why Jesus is compassionate; and how Jesus shows compassion. The chapter explores many different passages throughout the Gospel of Mark that portray Jesus’ acting compassionately towards people. The chapter concludes by looking at the servanthood of Jesus, and how this portrayal of compassion should impact the way believers interact with people in their community and around the world.

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