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Bugs | Summer 1994

A Falcon's Bend Series Short Story

Broken Wings | Summer 1996

A Falcon's Bend Series Novella

Obsessions | Winter 1998

A Falcon's Bend Series Novella

Blind Revenge | Fall 2000

A Falcon's Bend Series Novella

Fixated | Summer 2001

A Falcon's Bend Series Short Story


A Falcon's Bend Series Short Story

Summer 1994

A partially digested body is found in the oxidation ditch at the Falcon's Bend Wastewater Treatment Plant. Was it an accident or is new Falcon's Bend Investigator Pete Shasta facing his first murder?

"Ye have sown much, and bring in little; ye eat but ye have not enough...and he that earneth wages earneth wages to put into a bag with holes."

~from Haggai 1:6, Holy Bible (King James Version)

The coffee station in the center of the Falcon's Bend Police Department was surrounded by cops when Pete Shasta left his office reluctantly at nearly five p.m. He'd come in early today--his day off. Anything to avoid having to face his wife the morning after. His back was stiff from another night on the couch. Hiding out in his office all day hadn't done it any good. He'd tried calling Donna in the early afternoon--not even sure himself why, exactly--but he'd been almost relieved when there'd been no answer. What could he say that he hadn't already said a million times and she hadn't already twisted into something else entirely, just as many times?

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