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Annette Olson

What right do you have to tell me what I can and can’t do?” she demanded.

Just don’t go alone,” he warned.

Okay, how about that new cowboy, Sirus?” she asked recklessly.

He clamped his teeth together, not trusting himself to speak.

I’m sure he’d love to go riding with me.”

His hands fisted.

Will he do?” she asked daringly, narrowing her eyes.

A muscle jerked in his jaw.

How ’bout it?” she taunted.

Be careful with him,” he managed to get the words out clearly even though a muscle had started to twitch in his jaw.

Careful?” she raged. She was in a full temper and apparently unable to control it. It was as if the shock her system had been in was finding a release in her anger. “Why should I be careful?”

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