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A Romantic Short Story

Cate Rowan

I know what you need, and it’s right here in this bowl. This is Get-a-Husband Brunswick Stew.”

Jessica Walker glanced up at the cook and hostess—her best friend, Lily—and gave her the stink eye. “You’re trying to tell me you used this recipe to get Mark?”

Lily slid into the chair beside Jess at the sleek kitchen table and, with a manicured hand, tapped the steaming bowl. “Signed, sealed, and delivered.”

Jess couldn’t help rolling her eyes. She loved Lily madly—they’d been best friends since kindergarten, when Tommy Simms had thrown Lily’s pencil into the toilet, making Lily burst into tears. Jess had offered Lily one of her own prized pencils, pink and decorated with red hearts; in all the years after, she and Lily had been as close as cake and icing. Because of that, Jess was well aware of Lily’s flare for the dramatic. “You met him when we went salsa dancing, remember? I was right there with you.”

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