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Abe’s Guide to Plant Seeds

Germination, Harvest, and Storage of Flower and Vegetable Seed

Abe’s Guide to Botany Series - Book 1

Abe Edwards


Abe’s Guide to the Plant Seeds is a comprehensive guide on the propagation, storage and germination of flower and vegetable seeds.

This guide also contains a comprehensive list of seed catalogs. These catalogs list thousands of varieties of flower and vegetable seeds.

Abe’s Guide to Plant Seeds covers the structure and germination of seeds. Sections also cover saving, harvesting and seed storage. It is a comprehensive encyclopedia of knowledge about the flower and vegetable seeds grown in the home garden.

Sections of this guide also cover seed structure, formation and dispersal seeds. Though not a specific guide to individual plants, The Abe’s Guide to Plant Seeds contains a host of information about the seeds they need. This is information the gardener needs for seeds. It is a great aid to the task of germination and starting the seedlings on to their task of producing vegetables and flowers for our use.

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