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"Are They Comets Or Are They Shooting Stars, Sir?"

Written and published by D. Bruno Starrs at

Copyright D. Bruno Starrs 2012.

ISBN: 9781301083107.

Smashwords Edition Licence Notes.

This E-book, entitled "Are They Comets Or Are They Shooting Stars, Sir?", written and published by D. Bruno Starrs, is licensed for the individual buyer's use, performance and enjoyment only. There are no fees for audition or performance use as long as correct authorial attribution is used. Although it is not protected by Digital Rights Management, it may not be resold or given away to any other person/s. It is easy enough to steal, but if you would like someone else to share in your enjoyment of this work, please ask them to download their own free copy and perhaps to take a look at the author's full-length new novel entitled Bollywood Extras (20% free sampling!)

Here's to thanking you in advance, for respecting the long, hard work of a self-publishing author!

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