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The Medusa Strain:

In his modern, well-supported lab in Iraq, Mohammed Ali Ossman, minus two fingers and his new bride thanks to a Gulf War bombardment, exercises his creativity to develop a variety of anthrax, normally contracted by inhaling its spores directly, that is communicable person-to-person. This genetically modified weapon, the Medusa strain, enables just six martyrs to spread the deadly illness in six major U.S. cities, including L.A., the novel's primary setting. The lively story progresses in the Middle East by presenting characters who legitimately hate their enemies and have access to salable secrets, while in the U.S. it realistically follows the rehabilitation of alcoholic ER physician Gil Martin and his marriage. Attempted murders, the president and first lady in the White House, and the spreading anthrax epidemic serve as attention-getting details, and the well-thought-out and believable U.S. counterattack device--the "Perseus Factor"-- dangles a shiny biotech hook for readers who want still more to like about a commendable first novel.

~ William Beatty, American Library Association

~ * ~

Race with government and civilian virus chasers as they trace how this plague disease travels from Iraq throughout the United States. The author's medical technology is up to the minute, as is his understanding of the spook world. This thriller incorporates the very best of military, government and civilian disease centers, and political knowledge. The threat is chillingly real and is portrayed in a highly believable manner. Once you begin reading this story, hang on. You will lose track of time and yourself within these pages; then you'll lose sleep asking 'Could this really happen?' The author takes the time to leave your teeth on edge in parting with his knowledgeable reassurances in the epilogue that this bio-weapon technology is with us today. The Medusa Strain really COULD happen.

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