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Mad Scientist Journal: Summer 2012

Edited by Jeremy Zimmerman and Dawn Vogel

Cover Illustration by Eleanor Leonne Bennett

Cover Layout by Katie Nyborg

Copyright 2012 Jeremy Zimmerman, except where noted

Smashwords Edition

"A Critique of Vorchek's Holobiologia" is Copyright 2012 Jeffery Scott Sims

"Man Out of Time" is Copyright 2012 Adam Israel

"Application of the Scientific Method to Family Management: Informal Observations and Conclusions" is Copyright 2012 Ash Krafton

"Selected Correspondence from the Pages of National Chronologic" is Copyright 2012 M. Bennardo

"A Resubmission to Xenobiology by Clark et al."is Copyright 2012 S.R. Algernon

"Gauss's Invitation" is Copyright 2012 Gary Cuba

"Bears" is Copyright 2012 Christos Callow, Jr.

"Notes From a Recent Polar Expedition" is Copyright 2012 Darren Goossens

"The Rods of Bagdad" is Copyright 2012 Paul Williams

"A Thread Finer than Hope" is Copyright 2012 Jack N. Waddell

"Death-Ray Barking Dog Torches Home" is Copyright 2012 Kyle Yadlosky

"Maturity" is Copyright 2012 Nathaniel K. Miller

"Robot Ethics and the Turkish Turtledove" is Copyright 2012 Django Mathijsen

"Ray, Disintegrating" is Copyright 2012 Emily C. Skaftun

"Prof. Ripper's Body Parts", "Prof. Whale's Lab Dressing", "Prof. Wallaby's Clearance Sale", "Estate Agents", and "Lonely Hearts: Men Looking for Women" are Copyright 2012 Andy Brown

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