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Princess Kelly

Copyright September 26, 2012

Smashwords Edition

Recipes to Combat Winter Blues Using Salmon


Princess Kelly

Author’s Note-

The first three fish recipes are original. Please, contact me for these recipes to be included in a bigger hardcover book by both email at in order to mass produce the first, second, and third original

recipes, or to incorporate into a bigger cookbook, be put on menus etc. in chilis, potato soups, etc. The other salmon ones are commonly found online if you look them up.

According to the article at salmon is known to prevent SADD (Seasonal Affective Depression Disorder) or the winter holiday blues, help with some mental illness and or some mental conditions that are caused due to lack of sunlight. It is a brain food. Please enjoy and relish the taste of the following salmon recipes.

--Princess Kelly (Author)

I. Tilapia/Salmon Peanut Butter Recipe

Preheat skillet to medium heat with spray canola or olive oil. Baste or spread with a spoon peanut butter (melted optional) onto thawed fish. Sprinkle on lemon and herb, thyme, and minced garlic. Put on skillet for four minutes with peanut buttered and ingredients side facing down. Baste and repeat while fish is cooking in the pan again while the fish cooks for four minutes. Then flip the already basted other side fish and cook for the rest of the three minutes. Then it’s ready to be served with or without tartar sauce, etc. such as crushed peanuts (mixed pecan nuts or other nuts) and peanut oils.

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