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Edited by Douglas Rees and Laurie McLean

Published by Ambush Books, PO Box 258, La Honda, CA, 94020 at Smashwords

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ISBN: 978-1-937791-54-4

Cover by Katie Dahlberg at


Whenever I find myself browsing my shelves for a pleasure read, I almost always pick a book that has an element of the fantastic. There's something magnetic about stories where the impossible is made real. As a reader, I am most delighted and thrilled to slip between the pages of a book and exchange my 8-5 life for magical wardrobes, enchanted mirrors, and maybe a dragon or two. The worlds and the magic we come across in books, whether it's wizards or vampires or fairies, give us a taste of the extraordinary and perhaps, best of all, in a jaded world, retain wonder.

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