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The Mansion House Musicians

By H. Jason Schulz

Published By H. Jason Schulz at Smashwords

Copyright 2010 H. Jason Schulz

A few years ago, in a small town, there lived a very wealthy old widow. Sadly, this widow had had no children, but she was very kind and generous. She hosted parties for the town children on every holiday. Still, she was lonely all alone in her big mansion house with no one to stay with her, and no family to visit. Fortunately, her loneliness was about to be over.

Across town, there was a farm. On that farm there lived an old horse. Back when this horse was young, it used to work from sun up to sun set. It pulled the plow in the fields, and the big cart of vegetables to the market. It was a strong, hard working horse. But after so many years, it began to get old. It didn't pull the plow at all, and took a very long time in taking the vegetables to the market. All it wanted to do anymore was to stand in the stable and slowly munch on oats.

One day, the farmer was standing by the stable talking to his neighbor. He told his neighbor all about the horse and how he had decided to sell him to the glue factory. Well, the old horse overheard this and decided that he would leave the farm that very night.

As night fell the old horse simply walked up to the gate and using his long nose, nudged it open. Then he was off down the road.

A few miles down the road there lived an old hound dog. This old dog, like the horse had once been a very good hunting dog. He and his owner had spent long afternoons tracking down ducks and deer and just about anything else you could think of. But he was becoming an old dog and didn't have the energy anymore to go bounding through the brush. He would much rather lie in front of the warm fire and gnaw on a bone with his last, long tooth.

One day, as he lay chewing on his bone, he over heard his owner talking to his wife. His owner said that he couldn't afford to keep the old dog anymore and had decided to take it to the dog pound. Also, that he needed a young dog to help him hunt.

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