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Hence, in the present study, based on the ethanomedical claims, the antitumor properties of the methanolic extract of Morinda citrifolia against Dalton’s lymphoma ascites (DLA) - induced tumor inoculation was evaluated along with determining its antioxidant status.



The fruits was shade dried, powdered and extracted (20 g) with MeOH using a Soxhlet extractor for 18 – 20 h. The extract was concentrated and dried under reduced pressure and controlled temperature (40ºC – 50ºC) in a rotary evaporator. The extract yielded a reddish brown crystalline solid weighing 2 g and was preserved in a refrigerator at 4ºC until further use.

Tumor cells and inoculation

DLA cells were obtained from Amala Cancer Research Centre ( Trissur, Kerala, India). The cells were administered to Swiss albino mice, by i.p. transplantation. Tumor cells aspirated from the peritoneal cavity of mice were washed with saline and were given i.p. to develop as acites tumor to all the animals except the normal group.

Experimental Setup

Materials, diet used, source of fine chemicals and experimental setup are as in 2.2.1,,, and repectively. Collection of mice tissue and preparation of tissue homogenate are as in section 7.2.1 and 7.2.2 respectively.

Anti-oxidant activity on lymphoma-induced mice

Animals were grouped into three groups consisting of nine mice each.

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