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The Man Who Would Not Turn

Part I of the Messiah Tree

By Bruce Goff

Published by Bruce Goff at Smashwords

Copyright 2012 Bruce Goff

Dear Reader,

Sometimes you can't tell who a story is about when it begins. I've learned during a life that sometimes seems too long for me that human history is peopled with strange stories of tiny men and women, who never meant to be anything more than good folk, suddenly and quite inexplicably changing the world. This is the story of a good man, though a very small one indeed. He never dreamed of etching his name on the scroll of human memory. In truth he never dreamed of much of anything, except perhaps to do the work his God put in front of him well. I didn't know him long, and he never met me. How this came to be is a story for another day. Just know that the task has been laid before me to ensure that his story is not forgotten.



A long time ago; long before the light of my first sun had poured itself into my eyes, I stood at the top of a small Irish mountain, wondering at the beauty soaring above me in the sky. Everywhere I looked I was surrounded by green rolling hills that stretched onward into the horizon. Above me, the sun was high and brightly streaking through gray-white towering clouds. Gliding gracefully among their peaks, just at limits of my vision two dragons flew a silently wondrous dance.

Dragon's were people to begin with. That much you should know from the beginning. They were beings of light and magic that roamed your world for centuries before the coming of man, back when my people called your earth our own. They had many forms, and they could change those forms at will. Mostly though they were people, when they weren't flying about or slinking through some deep lake or another.

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