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My Daddy Bred Me 4: Bred Again

By Jo D. Smith

Smashwords Edition

Copyright © 2012 Jo D. Smith

All Rights Reserved

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They hit the door in a mass of groping hands and hungry lips. Cheryl felt her way across her stepfather's expansive back. The ridges and valleys of his muscular form were etched in her mind, each one familiar and comforting. Their son, Conner, was at the nanny's for the night. He'd just reached one year old and his constant attention-seeking had put a large dent in his parent's sex life. The nanny thought that Cheryl was visiting an old friend and that Paul was out of town on business. Cheryl hated keeping the secret, but the rest of the world would never understand the relationship she had with her stepfather.

Paul pawed at her like a hungry bear, kneading and squeezing her ass as he held her up against the door. Cheryl lost herself in his embrace, meeting his fierce kiss with unbridled enthusiasm. He reluctantly let up on her to fish in his pockets for the keys to the house. The jingling and scratching of the key on the doorknob revealed the depth of his distraction.

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