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The Girl Who Went Looking

Part 2 of the Messiah Tree

By Bruce Goff

Published by Bruce Goff at Smashwords

Copyright 2012 Bruce Goff

Dear Reader,

You know me. You know what I do. It may seem a small thing; to watch an event unfold and record it so that others remember but ask yourself, what if you knew the people involved? What if they were your friends? More to the point, what if in order to adequately tell your story you had to expose the darkest pain of a good and deeply private woman’s life? Would you hesitate? Would you grieve the hurt you were going to cause her? Or would stay the course, and tell yourself it was necessary? I’ve been staring at this page for an hour now, and the truth is I don’t know what to do.

All I know is that Rachel Stover was my dearest friend for a season, and by the time you read these words that season will have ended. Of my friend Rachel let me say this. She was not responsible for any of what is to come in these pages. To my mind, she was just a good person who broke under the strain of a weight that should never have been placed upon her. Like many before her, she spent her life in constant fear of the wolf at her door. It was only at the beginning of her third decade of life that she realized that it had long ago consumed her.

To my friend I can only say that I am sorry. In the end I had no choice.



Rachel Stover thought that she walked alone. I watched her as she went, struggling to maintain her footing. A nasty summer storm was doing its best to knock her from her feet. I was immune to the wind. She was not. It swirled around her, and screamed in her ears with a rage that bordered on violence, but she kept on. Ten minutes earlier it had been sunny, and for some reason this pissed her off. Rachel hated the gulf coast of Florida, hated all of Florida in fact, hated any part of the world outside her tiny apartment in Queens New York with a passion that bordered on manic. So it was no surprise to her that moments after she'd left her hotel room and begun walking towards her destination, the sky’s had opened up. Florida, she suspected, was aware of her position.

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