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Lucian Carter

Copyright 2012

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Once, long ago, in a far away land lived a group of monks. They were devout in their love of God and nature as well. The monks kept extensive gardens, both of edible and decorative plants. The surplus food they distributed to the people of the town and the flowers they sold in a small shop for a tiny sum. All was well between the monks and the community.

Then, one fateful day, one of the monks discovered a strange plant growing in the farthest corner of the garden. None of the monks, not even the oldest and wisest, had seen the plant before. It was closest to a pitcher plant, which did not grow in those lands, but neither the monks who had traveled the farthest reaches nor those who had studied the most tomes of knowledge knew of a pitcher like this one. It was but 6 inches tall and the monks considered long and hard on what to do with the plant. The finally decided to transplant it to the flower shop where they could watch and tend to it carefully. Outside some stray animal might eat it!

The monks treated the strange flower like a prized possession and were rewarded as it grew and flourished. Years passed and the plant never stopped growing until it was well over 4 feet tall. It became the talk of the town, even an attraction to travelers. The entire town flourished thanks to the plant and donations to the monastery grew each year.

Then came the dark day, a town elder was visiting the monk’s flower shop with his entire family to plan the flowers for his eldest daughter’s wedding. The whole place was abuzz and no one noticed when little Suzie, just four years old with golden curls and a beaming smile, wandered over to the strange plant. Like all the others she was fascinated by the strange plant and didn’t even make a sound as the plant leaned over and gobbled her up whole!

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