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This book is dedicated to all those who share their lives with an animal.


Rose Faraday knew it was time to stop ignoring her niggling gut and the metaphorical neon-flashing signs the universe had been manifesting around her. She lowered herself onto the sofa, unwrapped her tarot cards from their silk fabric covering and spread the cloth out on the coffee table. A long-haired, black cat wound itself around her ankle, and then deposited a fake mouse on her foot. "Mew!"

She smiled down into eyes as green and clear as emeralds and sighed. "Not now, Lucky, Mama's got to work." She scratched the cat under the belly with her bare toes and then pushed her gently away, "Go on, we'll play fetch later. Scooch." Lucky squeaked out one more "mew" in protest then sauntered off, hopping through the cat door to the screened lanai, where her favorite scratching post awaited.

Rose took a deep breath, letting the scent of the burning jasmine incense relax her, and closed her eyes. When she felt ready, she opened and took out the time-softened cards, arranging them in three piles on the silk. The mounting feeling of dread had prompted her to read for herself today and she needed to be relaxed. To concentrate on the question: Am I in physical danger?

After shuffling the cards three times, she slid the first one off the pile and laid it down. Ten of Swords. Her least favorite card. Well, things couldn't get worse, that wasn't exactly bad news. She slid the next card off the deck and placed it upright to the left of the Ten of Swords.

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