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Chapter 1

Jane sat on the window ledge, gazing up towards the night sky. She watched the stars high above as they punctuated the darkness. She saw them twinkle and light up the land below.

She did not shift her gaze once. Though she had work to do, she didn't move. She simply sat there starring up at those stars. She often did so, almost every single night. The stars never changed, and neither did she.

They called her plain Jane. From her appearance, to her job, to her leisure time, the name suited her well. There was no excitement in her life, there was no growth, there wasn't stimulation or challenge; just the same old thing day in and day out.

Yet there was a contradiction in Jane: while every night she did nothing but sit there quite fixedly gazing at the heavens, her mind moved. In her fantasies, as she sat on that window ledge facing the night sky above, she would travel the Galaxy. She would do the things she never did in real life.

Every single night her imagination moved, it grew. It created the most fantastic, wondrous adventures. So plain Jane closed her eyes, a small smile spreading across her lips, as she opened up the doors of her imagination.

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