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Yet there was a contradiction in Jane: while every night she did nothing but sit there quite fixedly gazing at the heavens, her mind moved. In her fantasies, as she sat on that window ledge facing the night sky above, she would travel the Galaxy. She would do the things she never did in real life.

Every single night her imagination moved, it grew. It created the most fantastic, wondrous adventures. So plain Jane closed her eyes, a small smile spreading across her lips, as she opened up the doors of her imagination.


Jane sat at her desk, staring down at the console in front of her. Blue and green holographic images moved around just above the console display panel. She stared at them glumly, her head propped up on one hand. She had been staring at the same damn images for the past hour, and now her eyes were losing focus.

Around Jane her co-workers chatted, laughed, and socialized. Mandy – a beautiful blue-skinned Hoya who sat alongside Jane – kept chortling as she talked loudly about everything other than work.

You should have seen what he said to those new recruits,’ she laughed, her lips spreading wide as her very large eyes sparkled.

Well, I suppose the rookies weren't expecting a lesson from a professional,’ noted Tarta. He came from an insect-like race, and spread his pincers as he chuckled wildly.

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