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Yes, Sir (Two Subs for The Master)

Published by Stroker Chase at Smashwords

Copyright 2012 Stroker Chase

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Yes, Sir (Two Subs for The Master)

Heather looked beautiful tonight. She had dressed up for the occasion. I picked one of her favorite restaurants, Damion’s, and told her I would have a sexy surprise for her.

Damion’s was a small but well managed Italian restaurant. As usual, the tables were crowded. The tables, a fancy white, flickering with the glow of the fireplace, put everyone in a romantic mood.

She wore a long dress with a slit coming up her long legs. My wife was sexy as hell, I had to admit. Sexy as hell, and even hornier. She looked luxurious too. She wore a gold necklace, instead of the usual: a collar I would make her wear at home. When she accepted her collar, it had been like giving her a wedding ring all over again. The flames danced over Heather’s cleavage.

"Are you enjoying your time, Master?"

Heather rubbed her foot against my crotch. I went into my pocket and flipped the remote control vibrator to on. She squirmed in her seat, the vibrator in her panties going off.

"Now I am."

"Oh..ok. Stop. Stop."

She saw the waiter coming near. He placed the food down in front of us. Instead of stopping, I turned it up higher. She suddenly became flush. I knew she would be incredibly wet.

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