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Aaron T Knight

Smashwords Edition

Copyright © 2012 by Aaron T. Knight

All Rights Reserved.

Chapter 1

Myles Metcalf found himself caught, ironically, in the very disguise designed to keep attention away from him. He was wearing a wig, with brown hair and a moustache to match. As he was exiting from his car his brown wig was caught in the front door when he slammed it shut. His black curly hair sprang out from the portion of the wig stuck in the door. Electronic devices make no distinction between the owner of a car and an intruder trying to steal it. So the wedged wig caused the car door to be slightly ajar and it set off a shrieking electronic alarm reverberating loudly in the parking garage.

Myles began to panic, then realized he only had to slip out of the wig and unlock the car door. Just as he was executing this maneuver, a policeman came around the corner in his squad car to investigate the screaming alarm. Now he couldn’t take the wig off because it would expose his real hair. Myles twisted around slowly to keep the wig in place while he put the key in the front door to free it.

While he was performing these machinations, the policeman was watching him. He drew his revolver out of its holster, convinced he was watching an attempted car theft. Myles had completed his little dance to free up the wig by opening the car door. As he squared up the wig on his head. the policeman came within ten feet of him, pointed his gun and announced, “Freeze! Slowly turn toward the car and place both hands on the roof. Do it now!”

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