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Why True Christians Cannot Vote For Romney


George Oliver Doverall



If you are a Christian, you should not vote for Romney.

If you’re a Christian and you think you should keep your religious views out of your political decisions, then you should consider this aspect of modern Mormonism. Romney is not keeping religion out of the election; he has specifically said he is keeping God in his campaign. The Mormon Church is also not keeping their religion out of politics. That’s because the Mormons actually have a prophecy that the United States will get into great trouble and be “hanging by a thread,” which Mormon leaders have interpreted to mean near financial bankruptcy. The prophecy says when the country gets into this great trouble, the Mormons will step in and save the nation; after which all Americans will become enlightened, and Mormonism will be recognized as the one true Christianity in the country.(1)(2) Romney says he wants to “save our country from financial ruin.” The Mormons believe he is prophesied to do that.(3)(4) It’s not coincidence. The Mormon prophecy is specifically about the United States because their founder was alive and in the U.S. when he claimed to become a prophet. If you support Romney, then you are supporting the Mormon prophecy whether you want to or not. And if Romney is in office and the economy gets better, they will claim the prophecy fulfilled.

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