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“Louisssss,” the name slithered out from between the rotting blue lips of the putrid demon, “it is your time now, come with me.” The temperature in the small room plunged noticeably and Louis could feel the hairs on the back of his neck begin to stand on end as the beast slowly approached from behind. He stopped eating in mid-bite at the table as the sterile clicking of long curved toenails echoed on the linoleum floor, scratching and drawing ever closer. Now in his burning nostrils came the unwavering stench of death at his back. Out of the corner of his eye he could see long twisted fingers with blackened dead nails reach for his shoulder.

“Hey Bob,” Louis quipped as he swung around in his chair to face his supervisor, “be right with ya.” With clumsy fingers of bone and dripping flesh he gathered the remains of his lunch; bits of meat riddled through with feasting worms and maggots. “Jesus Bob,” he half joked as he turned and stood waving a hand in front of his skeletal rancid face, “you eating asshole for lunch again?” Jennifer and Maurice both chuckled at that as they sat across from him finishing their lunches of a raw human head and the plump, red, festering leg of a small child respectively. Bob stopped smiling; he shot them both a look of agitation and raised a crooked, claw like finger at them.

“Overtime tonight,” he rasped in the quiet whisper of power over fairness, “for both of you.” He smiled evilly at their shrinking faces as reality nudged in and took a seat between them, “maybe even … double shifts?”

“Aw come on, it was funny, don’t be such a hardass.” Maurice protested.

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