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Thomas P


By Thomas P. Hopp

Book Three of the Dinosaur Wars Series

First Edition copyright © 2012 Thomas P. Hopp

Second Edition copyright © 2014 Thomas P. Hopp

Smashwords Edition copyright © 2012, 2014 Thomas P. Hopp

All rights reserved.

I dedicate this volume to the memory of John Lennon, and to the other peace-makers and love-makers on this planet. Their skills are in shorter supply than those of the money-makers and war-makers.

The road to peace is paved with understanding.” —Professor David Ogilvey


Chapter 1

The tyrannosaurus was a big one. It stalked across the brushy grassland of the Montana high plains smoothly on two towering legs that somehow moved gracefully despite their tree-like size. The huge carnivore placed one three-clawed foot on the ground almost gently, followed slowly by the other foot in a stealthy fluid motion. The immense tawny-furred animal blended into the tan colors of the grasslands so well as to be almost unnoticeable despite its size. Keeping its head low and its long tail stretched out behind, it was stalking something it smelled on the warm morning air currents. The brown and tan zebra-striped mane along the crest of its neck stood tall with anticipation of a kill. Its nose came up slightly each time it sniffed the light breeze. Then it would adjust its course a little to follow the scent it was homing in on.

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