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Chapter 1: The First Big Game Hunt. “Anyone who hunts buffalo is a damn idiot.” said Uncle Hennie. He glared at us and pointed to Rod. “You are a teacher who should set the example for the children. You have hunted a few birds and buck. Big game is not the same. You can sometimes turn an elephant or a lion with a bad shot, but never a buffalo. You wound a buffalo and he turns into 1500 lbs of hate. He can run faster than you, smell what you had for supper two nights ago, turn on a ten cents, hide behind a bunch of leaves and when this big black brute boils out of the bush, his head up, nostrils flaring, adrenalin turbo pumping, his little eyes focussed only on you, nothing will turn him! As he charges he chews up bullets and spits them out. Only death will stop him, his or yours or both!

We all took deep gulps of Hennie’s whiskey. He turned to Clarry. “You want to jump from clay pigeons to elephant! Does a wounded clay charge directly at you? Five tons against your one hundred and twenty. David facing a hundred Goliaths all wrapped into one. Then you must shoot for the brain you can’t even see. It is stuck behind a mass of soggy bone on a head that is twice the height of a doorway and it is a fast moving target.

Often the trunk is up in the way, looking to crush you. If you don’t hold your nerve and angle that little 500 grain piece of jacketed lead neatly up above the first trunk fold, depending on how tall you are, into the foot ball size brain target set far back between the ears. This elephant is going to wrap you it its trunk, dash you on the ground and then kneel on you until you are a soggy patch and can fit into a little plastic bag. Nothing left to pick up save your boots with your feet still in them, your belt and your hat.”

Let me read you a story from Pondoro Taylor: “A few days later they put 42 shots into an elephant without bringing him down. He charged one of the men, knocked him down and stood on him, snapped his spine, arms, legs and ribs broken. He grabbed the second one in his trunk and hurled him savagely against a tree, then ran to the other one who was firing at him, grabbed him with his trunk, flung him high into the air and when he came down kicked him backward and forward between forefeet and hind feet like a football. Then he walked to a big tree and leaned against it and died.”

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