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Keeper of Dragons

(a Lunch Hour Read)

2nd Christian/Brina novella


Judith Post

Copyright 2012

Smashwords Edition

Special thanks to M L Rigdon, my friend and a fabulous writer, for critiquing my latest four novellas. She knows her medieval history and tried to catch my mistakes. If some still exist, she warned me, but I'm stubborn.

The wedding was fast approaching. Christian couldn't tie the knot with Brina fast enough. No one in his serfdom had a quibble about their lord marrying a commoner. Most knew and loved Brina, nearly as much as they loved his mother, Lady Enid. He'd heard that neighboring lands, however, gossiped incessantly about the crazy lord and his soon-to-be, peasant bride. If he'd had his way, the deed would be done, and they'd be husband and wife, but his mother, Lady Enid, had teamed up with Cook to plan the preparations. Feasts and celebrations obviously took time. Too much time.

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