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At His Pleasure

By Keather Anthony

Copyright 2012. All rights reserved.

Published on Smashwords.

My days blossomed every time I had the chance to ride through the carts at the golf range with my boyfriend Allen. I had my feet dangling as I went to catch my afternoon appointment with our next game at the newly opened course. My boyfriend was already ready to go and I went to the restroom nearby so that I may refrain myself from using it later in the afternoon. I quickly ran in to use it and received a text from my boyfriend that the game was delayed for another thirty minutes, a feeling of relief. It gave me a chance to take my time and to clean up a bit. Instead of finishing up, I decided to masturbate in the toilet.

A few pleasurable moments later I heard someone walk in and I quickly stopped, got up and opened the stall. There was a man in the ladies restroom.

Excuse me but what are you doing in here?” I calmly asked.

Oh I’m sorry but I thought this was the men’s room. I’ll be leaving miss. My apologies” He said, as he walked out.

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