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What experts are saying about Still a dad:

Still a Dad offers divorced and never-married fathers what they need more than anything else: hope and practical advice to help them build and maintain relationships with their children.

– Armin Brott, author of Father for Life and host of the nationally syndicated radio show, Positive Parenting.

Still a Dad is an accessible and sensible guide for divorced fathers (and mothers too). Remembering that maintaining the father-child bond should be the most important goal after divorce is the important take-home message. Divorced dads will find not just practical advice but comfort and hope as well in this book. Highly recommended.

– Ross D. Parke

Distinguished Professor of Psychology, University of California, Riverside

Author, Fatherhood and coauthor (with A. Brott), Throwaway Dads

Men facing non-custodial divorce will find a lot of help in this book. It is simply and directly written. It's almost like having an older brother saying, "Now listen. Here's how it is."

– Tim Baehr

This book shines light on the very real challenges and strong emotions that divorced fathers often experience, then helps the dads learn to focus on what’s most important – what’s best for the children – and then take appropriate action. With enlightening narratives, case studies and practical insights, this is a valuable source of wisdom, sensible guidance and support.

– Brock Griffin (The National Center for Fathering)

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