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This Immortal Coil


Chapter 1

Kara was alive. But she didn't know where she was. All she knew was the she was cold. So very cold. She was lying flat on her back, naked as the day she was born. She tried to move, but her ankles, wrists and neck were strapped down. In fact, any attempt to shimmy even a millimetre cut off her air supply.

There was a sound somewhere on her left. A door in desperate need of grease. Then the pull of a ripcord. A fluorescent lighting tube flickered and then burst into life a few feet above Kara’s head. The intense white burned her eyes.

“Comfortable?” It was a man’s voice. It was deep, almost unnaturally so. Like a heavy smoker with tonsillitis. Kara tried to speak, but that made her choke too.

“You must be wondering why you’re here. Where you are. What’s happening. Generic questions, but pertinent, I’m sure. What’s happening is that I’ve kidnapped you. Where you are is a construction site closed for the moment thanks to a, shall we say, exaggerated health and safety report. As to the why? Well. You’re here because I’m going to kill you.”

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