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Damon L. Wakes

Cover illustration and design by Laura Knowles

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2013 Damon L. Wakes

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You are welcome to make copies of this ebook for your own, personal use. If you want to share this book with a friend, that is also acceptable: it’s good to share the things we like, and the internet has become a powerful tool for sharing. However, please do not abuse this power: you may not sell or mass-distribute this book. As a rule of thumb, I ask that you not share this ebook with anyone to whom you would not lend a paperback. Also—on the other side of things—if you have received this book but have not paid for it, please consider buying a copy. This novel took hundreds of hours to produce. Please respect the hard work that went into writing it, but also, please enjoy.

Damon L. Wakes


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