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Authors Notes

This book is a collection of events that I remember from the time I spent in The Old Guard. I was a somewhat naïve country boy when in 1967 I was drafted into the army. The events are as I remember them and as close to accurate as I can be about those things that happened that long ago. I have changed some things such as the names of individuals in order to protect those who may not wish to be named herein.

I consider the time I served in the 3rd Inf. As one of the best times in my life and it is an honor to have served there and to have not only witnessed but to have been a part of some of these historical events.

The soldiers of The Old Guard are of the highest caliber of soldiers anywhere. I appreciate such organizations as The Old Guard Association for honoring those Old Guard Soldiers both past and present and for providing us with a way to keep in contact with each other and keep up on the changes happening and keep track of those who have departed. Although they are gone they will be always remembered for they are our brothers.

In The Garden

My Time At Arlington


Jerry Wayne Humphrey

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