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Murder picks election winners faster than votes.

The wannabes for taking on the President start electioneering more than a year before the vote. Through the woodlands of New England and the farm plains of the Midwest, they pass the winter, spring and summer all campaigning for the party’s nomination, even before they square up to the mightiest office-holder in the world.

A Senator from Wyoming is the first candidate to be murdered on the campaign trail. Then it’s a retired army general, then a software billionaire. Protection steps up, and still attacks rain down. Soon the choice of candidate may not be down to caucuses and primaries, but how many survive the cull.

It is unknown if this is an assault on policies, on candidates, on the country, or a lunatic’s quest for fame. The pressure on the election’s guardians builds relentlessly, shot after shot. Everyone knows how many candidates there still are, and how long is left until voting day. No one knows who the assassin is, or what he or she represents.

Will the election happen? How far will the gunman go? And how safe is the Oval Office, when this is the way in?

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