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Demon Spawn by Dominic Santi

Gold for Copper by David Hubbard

Sleeping with Dragons by Kimber Camacho

Prince Lovely and the Three Dragons by Nobilis Reed



Dragons are everywhere.

Not literally, of course, that's silly. But if you look across ancient human cultures, the presence of dragons is near universal. Europe, of course, had its famed fiery beasts, living representations of the power of nature, often associated with the devil and the powers of darkness. East Asia instead had their glorious and wise creatures of rain and river and earth: powerful, capricious, and dangerous, but also knowledgeable and noble. That isn't all, though. Australia had the Rainbow Serpent, a creature of rivers and life, while the Aztecs had Quetzalcoatl, the Feathered Serpent, lord of the Morning Star. Then there's modern fantasy: it seems you can barely turn around without running into a dragon, as though it's a requirement that fantasy novels, games, and movies have one.

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