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The Dixie Chics

an essay by

Janice Daugharty

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2010 Janice Daugharty

The Chics from Dixie came back, with a vengeance. But they were “Not Ready to Make Nice,” the title of their brief come-back Country single.

I for one want to know where they went for almost ten years; I want to know why. I recall that shortly after the 9-11 disaster the lead singer of the Texas trio made an honest negative remark about President GW Bush during a concert in England. She said something to the effect that she was ashamed to be from the same state as Bush, according to the news.

I’ve said worse, publicly, but since I’ve never been as big as the Chics nothing came of it. The closest I ever came to celebrity scandal was following the release of my second novel in 1995. On the Discovery Channel a scorched copy of my Necessary Lies was flashed across the screen. Some crazy woman had been reading it at the time that she decided to burn down her house with her children inside. Yep, she apparently had gotten the idea from my story along the same lines. Since she was a big-city doctor, and I’m only a lowly South Georgia writer, I figured I might have to go to court over that. I, who have never even been called for jury duty, might find myself at the mercy of a judge, or worse, a hit man.

But I wasn’t big enough. Either that or the people in charge of who gets to be little or big didn’t see my book on Discovery. Or maybe they decided since this was my first offense, other than a mess of speeding tickets, they would let me slide. Anyway, just in case I’d grown and didn’t know it, I daily checked the book’s sales rating on and it remained steady at something like 9-comma-799.

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