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Captain Nemo Vs. Megalodon

By Flash Rex

Copyright 2012

Smashwords Edition



The solitary figure dismounted the horse near the water’s edge and tied it up to a nearby tree. He walked along the riverbank, lost in his thoughts.

His concentration was interrupted by a slight disturbance coming from the water. He tried to ignore it but he couldn’t. There was something there. He stopped walking and peered out over the water. The fog made it impossible for him to make anything out.

He resisted the urge to call out. He shouldn’t have been there in the first place. It was too dangerous. But he wasn’t scared. He was a brave man. But bravery wasn’t the issue and there was much more at stake here than his well being. So he didn’t call out but he stood his ground.

A dark shape moved through the water towards him. He could see it now. This was no coincidence, he thought. The shape had been waiting for him.

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