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There is no way of verifying the accuracy of the things that I was told by my aunt as she spent her last days whilst she was in an agony of pain and despair, often telling me that she wished that she could ‘wake up dead,’ but it is a story that is honest and a story that should be believed, if only for the fact that the woman was dying and wanted her story to be told.

My aunt did indeed become a difficult woman towards the end of her life, but she wasn’t always so. I remember her as being a ray of light in my miserable childhood, but as the years progressed my life became better, as her life became more and more unbearable. This is her true story as I remember it.

Chapter 1.

My Aunts story:

I was born into a family that was disjointed; at least it was in my opinion. Mother had married my father in a hurry. I don’t know whether or not she was pregnant, or whether marrying him was an act of desperation to get away from her childhood home, but I don’t believe that she ever truly loved my father and in fact I don’t really know what love is if I’m being honest. To me it is something portrayed in a film, or written down in a book, it’s not a thing I have had any dealings with myself.

Really I suppose that I aught to begin with my mothers childhood and her parents.

Mother was born just down the street where I’m living now. It seems strange that for well over a hundred years my family history has been played out in just these few narrow streets of Lincoln.Of course the roads around here were cobbled, in those far off days, in nineteen hundred, when Queen Victoria was still in the throne, and the horses and carts would have crunched their way along the road to the brush factory opposite the small terraced house where she was born and brought up. She used to tell me how she could hear the carts rumble along the road in the early morning with the horses slowly clip clopping in front of them and then they would stand silently waiting under her bedroom window while the wares were being loaded, ready for their journey to the cities various shops and other places.

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